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The castle of Lespinasse existed at the beginning of XIIe century. Always inhabited, it has escaped with the destruction and bad restorations.

 It is the oldest castle preserved in Brivadois. It is quoted in year 924 by the cartulaire of Brioude. It was in the beginning the Gallo-Roman villa Spinatia (pines).

“A tower had been built in 1110 for the support of the chastel and strong of Lespinasse” (Sauval).

In 1187, the knight of Aure or Ore, lord of Lespinasse, accompanied Philippe Auguste with the third crusade. The tower was altered in square keep on authorization of Louis II of Bourbon in 1358 by Erard Ier, lord of Lespinasse, general captain of the mountains of Auvergne. His/her Louis son married, in 1425, Blanche Dolphin of Auvergne, then 15 years old, whose father had found death with Azincourt. From this time go back the circular towers to enclosure joined together by the main building.

To commemorate this princely marriage, the blazon of Auvergne was carved in the stone of the lintel of the big room of pageantry of the first stage. April 18th, 1786, Joseph de Lespinasse sells to the General Fayette for 18.800 books Marquisat de Langeac. “Enchased in the exuberant greenery of its park, the castle offers the ideal image of the perfect residence seigneuriale. Its multiples turns, watch towers and turrets are enough to satisfy the most demanding imaginations. The lords of Lespinasse were combined to the most famous families of Auvergne, Velay, the Limousin and South-west.


The intelligently carried out restorations of did not deteriorate anything the charm of this noble residence.

(Extracted the file “Country of Art and History of Haut Allier”)

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