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Blesle is located in the foothills of Cézallier. Volcanic eruptions gave this valley landscape as we know it today. The cast fossilized ancient river beds and covered trays. With erosion, river resumed their rights. The Alagnon and its tributaries, the Sianne, Voireuze, the Bave and  the Violette, dug deep valleys, creating a landscape called "cut". It is a region of transition between mountain and lowland cereal.

The country Blesle therefore has three different types of landscapes: plateaus, hills and valley bottoms. Each very identity, imposes a certain type of culture.

The basalt plateaus, less conducive to crops, however, were plowed and planted potatoes, wheat or rye. The best exposed hillsides are ideal places to host events fruit and wine. The vineyard was planted with peach, apricot rarely or almond.

 Valley bottoms are more amenable to the use of orchard meadows. Formerly, there were all kinds of fruit trees: apple, pear, plum, cherry ... From 1830, it is the culture of the apple Canada becomes predominant. In 1930, marketing is at its peak with the arrival of the railroad. Apples are transported to Paris.

Météo à Blesle

6 °C / Nuageux
Vent: N de 0 km/h
Humidité: 93%
0/7 °C
-3/5 °C
-2/10 °C
5/10 °C