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Regional products
  • La Damoiselle

    Craft beer Blonde, White, Amber or Brown
    - Bottles of 33 and 75 cl
    - 5 liter drums

    Open Wednesday to Saturday from 3 to 6.30 pm (Sundays and summer)
    Present every Saturday morning market Issoire (63), except in winter.
    Markets summer, Monday nights at Balsac and Fridays at Blesle.

    Brewery tour by appointment

    La Bonale
    43450 Blesle
    Téléphone : 33

    Voir le site Internet
    La Damoiselle
  • Artisous cheese

    A tradition of cheese
    Alagnon in the country, is known for a long time this small fourme covered with a strange living dust which over time produces a cheese flavor and character.
    This dust is of a friend of cheese: the woodworm or artisou patois, a small animal which helps to make a very special cheese to taste.

    The artisous cheese
    The  artisous cheese, weighs up to a pound, it is traditionally made from raw cow's milk. Curd, drained and molded, the cheese is dried after salting and then installed on a rack where the artisous grow.

    You can buy cheese at the farm or market Massiac Tuesday morning, Brioude Saturday morning at the market Country Blesle Friday from 18h during the summer.

    La clé des champs, Le Chausse
    43450 Blesle
    Téléphone : 33

    Artisous cheese
  • Au fournil de Blesle

    Taste the specialties of Benjamin Spatola: Cakes Candied Fruits, Candied orange, Grand Marnier, Chocolate Chip Nature

    Cobblestones: Nature, pistachios, chestnuts, honey

    Place Onslow
    43450 Blesle
    Téléphone : 33

    Au fournil de Blesle
  • Artisanal butcher

    Saussages, ham,terrines, pâtés, rillettes

    Rue Édouard Châtillon
    43450 Blesle
    Téléphone : 33

    Artisanal butcher

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